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Snow Machine for Weddings or  "Winter Wonderland Themes" Events!!


Snow Machines for weddings during the reception and first dance are becoming more prominent these days. Twirl, dip and kiss each other under a elegant snow fall in front of all your family and friends.

CO2 Special Effects CO2 Blast Canons available for your next event.
CO2 Blast / CO2 Canons


Cool your guests off while they dance to the latest house music.  Compressed cold air will shoot into your crowd making your event one your guests will never forget. This is a great suggestion to those clients having an after-hours party!

Dry Ice for Weddings Dancing on the Clouds is a excellent add on.
Dry Ice "Dancing on the Clouds"



Our company offers an assortment of theatrical effects for your wedding or special event. Float on a cloud of dry ice during your first dance and capture the look of "dancing on clouds."

Haze Smoke Effect for Intelligent Lighting is a great option to add flare to your event.
Haze / Smoke


When using automated lighting, haze machines are brought in to bring out the beam in the light. Haze is water-based smoke that will enhance our lighting shows without affecting your photography or video.