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Lighting​ Concepts

What makes the difference between a pretty reception and a breathtaking, dramatically beautiful reception? Ambient up lighting, chandelier accents, table pin spotting, custom designed monorgrams and, of course, dance floor lighting. Along with all your other decorative pieces, consider the lighting; it can make all the difference in the feel of your celebration.

Ambient Up Lighting

Want to add warmth & excitement to your event?

     Up lighting is used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward. This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space. It can add color to an otherwsie neutral surface, such as a wall or column. Another function of up lighting is to highlight any inherent architectural features of the room, such as columns and alcoves. By carefully selecting the placement and focus of our lighting fixtures, we can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow, welcoming your guests inside. If you want your event space to radiate elegance and sophistication, up lighting is the way to go.

What are Truss Towers used for?

     Truss Towers are vertical pillars that support computer-controlled, moving-head lighting fixtures. Lighting can make an amazing difference in the mood and feel you want for your event.  We offer various lighting packages to suit any of your needs from up lighting to dance lighting to personalized gobos!  Our most popular lighting packages are our Intelligent LED Light Show and LED Up Lighting. If you have a group that loves to dance, we strongly recommend the Intelligent LED Light Show to make for an inviting dance floor.

Dance Floor Lighting

Table Pin Spotting

Is pin spotting your guests' tables necessary?

     Why yes, of course! Wedding Centerpiece Pin Spot Lighting will beautifully accent your tables to enhance the centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers. Don't forget to highlight your wedding cake, sweets table, and place card table.  Our stable upright pillars are placed around the room and drape in either black or white fabric to appear a part of the venue. Whether your floor plan calls for 6 tables or 26 tables, pin spotting remains a crucial component for your special day.

Custom designed "name in lights"

   Personalize your wedding by adding an illuminated monogram. Popular designs are initials, your wedding date, or any other wedding theme. The image can shine on the dance floor or on a wedding fabric backdrop for a more dramatic effect. Here at Extravagant, we have the ability to replicate your  logo from your invitation or create a custom logo to highlight your wedding theme.


Glass and metal gobos available. 

Custom Gobo's

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